Let’s introduce ourselves

Welcome to Around The Downs.

It all started when a friend from London came to stay. You know the conversation:

“How can you bear living in the sticks?” (Actually I love it -no more aeroplanes, pollution, traffic jams)

“What do you do all day?” (I’ve never been busier – there’s so much to do and see!)

“Don’t you miss the theatre and the restaurants” (What?! We have an amazing theatre on our doorstep and we don’t have to take out a mortgage when we want to eat out!)

So it got us thinking. There is so much to love about living where we do that it has to be worth celebrating and sharing.

Around The Downs is about making the most of all the opportunities we have in and around Chichester and the South Downs. From everything rural to arts, culture and fashion, we want to live life to the full and hope you’ll join us.

You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where we will be sharing what’s on, what’s interesting and what we love – and we’d love to meet up with you there too.



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